Workshop storytelling for fiction: writing a short film

Barcelona – May 26/27 & June 2/3:

What? Develop a first version of a script for a short film  in just two weekends.

How? First we explore the creative process, and look at ways to find and develop ideas. After this we create a small scene to identify the basic elements of cinematic writing. In the second weekend we pay attention to finding the structure that helps you tell your story and writing dialogue. Every day consists of three hours of theory and three hours of practice. Giving and receiving feedback on presented work is a central element of the workshop.

For who? Beginning to intermediate screenwriters and directors with or without an idea for a short film, or anyone with an interest in filmmaking or storytelling.

Full price:                                               €275

Early bird (before May 12):                  €225

Max participants:                                   10

Workshop acting & directing in film

Barcelona – June 23/24 & June 30/July 1

In two weekends of intensive work we explore the complex relationship between directors and actors in film. How do you give good direction? How can you offer something to the director that works? How do you make a rehearsal for film yield interesting results? How do you approach the material, the blocking, the subtext? With some theory and a lot of practice we explore ways of working that prepare you for castings, rehearsals and set. Giving and receiving feedback on presented work is a central element of the workshop. Directors are encouraged to bring one or more short scenes to work with, but these are not necessary.

Full price:                                              €295

Early bird (before June 9):                  €245

Max participants:                                 8 directors & 4 actors

Workshop storytelling for documentary: developing a documentary

Barcelona – June 9/10 & 16/17:

What? Develop a first version of a documentary filmplan in just two weekends.

How? In the first weekend we explore the creative process, the different structures and genres of documentary and how to find out which fits your idea, and research. In the second weekend we develop the ideas further, discuss how to present them in a documentary film plan, and look at the ways the plan influences the shooting process. Giving and receiving feedback on presented work is a central element of the workshop.

For who? Beginning to intermediate filmmakers with or without an idea for a documentary, or anyone with an interest in the documentary process or storytelling.

Full price:                                               €275

Early bird (before May 26):                 €225

Max participants:                                   10


Over a number of years of teaching and coaching I have discovered that theory and technique are helpfull, but not fundamental to the development process. It’s of much greater importance to first find ways to foster your intuition and imagination, and then discover what they are trying to tell you. About the world, about yourself, and about your relation to the world. What is your story really about?

Because of this my classes offer no simple steps or rules to follow, no magical formula to get to a briljant story. Filmmaking is hard, storytelling is hard, and anyone who tells you anything else is wrong. Every story is different, every project a struggle. What I offer are ways that help you understand this process, and tools to fight your way through it. By suggesting things to do and ways of thinking that make it simpler when possible and more complicated when necessary, but mostly by trying to help you find the reasons your story is worth telling – and thus worth the struggle.


One of the most important elements in Jonathan’s classes is that you need to find out why you want to tell your story before you’re ready to tell it properly. Even though I have studied journalism this was very valuable to me. Jonathan helps you in finding this urgency and necessity by asking good and critical questions and by using his broad experience to help you think of options. Your story will always be in the front in this process: he teaches you how what you want to say determines how you say it – and helps you find form to strengthen your content.
Geart van der Pol
I really enjoyed the practical approach of Jonathan’s Masterclass – he definitely found his own way of approaching the creative process, staying far away from the ever repeating ‘3 Act Structure Gospel’ and managing to teach in a fun and authentic way.
Gilbert Kralinger
No teacher has taught me as much as Jonathan Herzberg. With his intelligence he showed me what I’m still allowed to learn, without judgment, soft and relentless at the same time. He has given me and the rest of my class a well aimed push in telling our own stories.
Ireen Oostveen
Reporter Dutch News
I had some experience as a writer, but Jonathan’s classes taught me what is needed to build a strong story. His knowledge of the subject matter is outstanding, his enthusiasm and passion make it a joy to take his classes, but above all the way he is his committed to supporting you in your creative process make him a huge source of support. I fully recommend his classes to any (starting) filmmaker!
Roelant Bosch
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